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Welcome to New Town Primary

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At New Town Primary School we are committed to the Department of Education’s vision of ‘Successful, Skilled and Innovative Learners’.  We actively promote the values of Learning, Excellence, Equity, Respect and Relationships.  

Staff work together as a professional learning community who engage in regular collaboration to ensure all students learn at high levels. Staff are highly data literate and use student results to inform and improve professional practice and respond to students who need intervention and enrichment.

The Australian Curriculum is being implemented at New Town Primary School with students benefiting from the rich history of the area. Teachers draw on the location and history to present students with authentic and engaging learning opportunities.  Digital technologies feature prominently at New Town Primary School with a range of devices including a generous supply of iPads and applications being used to support learning. Digital citizenship is taught explicitly to ensure appropriate use of technologies.

Celebrating achievement is part of our school culture as reflected in our weekly newsletter, at school assemblies and during staff meetings.